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Happiness, where is it found?

Many would argue that being happy is merely a choice all of us humans can cognitively make, at any given point of time. Yet, how much of our choice one way or the other is shaped from external factors? Can we chase down happiness, is it goal driven, is it accomplishment based, or is it found at the end of a rainbow intertwined with riches? Could a second hand emotion, love, be buried underneath the X on the happiness treasure map? Can it be prescribed or triggered through mind altering substances? …

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I received an Email over the weekend from my son’s kindergarten teacher, enclosed was the school’s detailed description of how they planned to celebrate Dr. Seuss the first week of March. I read the contents and made a mental note of my son’s expectations for the following week. In celebration of the author his books would be read, pajamas and crazy socks were encouraged to be worn by students and staff all week long.

I saw my son off to school today, meeting his bus at the corner of our street and waving my goodbye to him as the bus…

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A couple of months back, I started taking notice of my social media network “friends” sharing common themed posts. The topic, you guessed it, non-fungible tokens.

Sometime shortly after came the news of Beeple selling an NFT for sixty-nine million dollars! This is when I became aware of another new phenomenon to me, FOMO(Fear Of Missing Out), this feeling set in as I scrolled and googled for what may have been hours, reading up on this craze I was seemingly oblivious to.

I immediately took notice of not just posts now, but the people that began taking part in trying…

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Secret Menu

Have you grown tired of the monotony of eating the same foods from your favorite restaurants? I’m going to list some of the most popular “secret menu" items that you may not have known existed. Knowledge of the existence of these hidden gems is passed down from word of mouth, it’s not advertised and the likelihood of you spying it on a menu is miniscule.

How I Discovered These Hidden Treasures

I was founder of a business back in 2011 that was very similar to the current food delivery services of today. In the midst of my everyday responsibilities I was tasked with, an increasing number…

Rarest and “Most Sweatiest" Skins, Emotes, Gliders & Pickaxe…

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Fortnite has become massive in recent years. It’s free to download and play, it’s available across all video game consoles including mobile. Players compete in a “Battle Royale” starting with 100 players, in an everyone for themselves elimination style battle to be the last one standing when the storm ends. (There really is a storm.)

Fortnite, although free to play, features “The Item Shop" that entices the player to equip themselves with the latest gear. The shop replenishes every 24 hours with new skins, emotes and “back bling." In my household the revealing of the newest items is an event…

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A smear campaign is a method of damage control that the narcissist impliments when they are concerned about being found out. The smear campaign will involve portraying the victim as the actual abuser with claims that they are crazy, bipolar, an addict, an alcoholic, unstable, a liar, a cheater and if there are children involved that they are a negelectfull bad parent.
They will create a series of lies, half truths, exaggerations, suspicions, and false accusations about the victim that serves to undermine their credibility in anything they say about the narcissist.


Most times the narcissist’s sympathetic supporters have had…

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